Bedtime Routines

Bedtime can be a struggle! What stage are you in with putting your child to bed? When your little one moves into their toddler bed it’s the perfect time to get them involved in their bedtime routine. A bedtime chart can help you with this nightly task (keep this in your parenting toolbox if their not ready yet).  We included a bedtime chart in the May box to help you with this task.

According to Dr. Bob Sornson, “the consistent practice of routines helps children feel secure, learn family values, and practice behaviors and self-help skills that raise the odds for lifelong success.”

When it gets chaotic, setting up a routine can help. Try this technique with your other family routines too.


  1. Explain, model and demonstrate the procedure.
  2. Rehearse the procedure to ensure complete understanding.
  3. Re-teach, practice and reinforce the procedure until it becomes a habit. (22-55 times)
  4. Re-establish the routine after every big change or challenge.

I hope this helps you with your nightly routine! What works for you and your family?


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